Jeevan Umang

Plan of the century : Jeevan Umang

Pay Rs 2 Lac for 15 yrs, Get Rs 2Lac TAX FREE, Guaranteed life time & Rs 80,00,000 for the family fund. 

A unique super duper policy of LIC which provides 8% guaranteed of the sum assured. It provides tax free guaranteed returns with whole life increasing life insurance (till 100years) where you have to just pay upto 15years.

Best to buy for Pension, wealth creation, Asset creation, better than term plan

  • Age Entry: 15yrs
  • Max Age Entry : 55yrs
  • Minimum investment : Rs 50,000 pa
  • Max investment : No limit
  • 100% Safe, No risk of stock Market is linked with this plan
  • Loan is available on this plan after 2years
  • Non Linked: It is not linked to market, totally safe plan from LIC
  • Its is also called 3 G plan, 3 Generation Plan , Father, Son & grandson are covered in this policy.
  • Best Policy for leaving a legacy for next generation.
  • Can be surrendered anytime after premium paying term
  • Rider 1: Accidental benefit
  • Rider 2: Permanent disability benefits
  • Rider 3: Premium waiver benefit is available for kids
  • Whole life increasing insurance.
  • Tax benefit: Premium is tax free under section 80 C
  • Tax benefit: Maturity is tax free under section 10.10D
  • Tax Benefit: Annual income benefit is also tax free.

Why you should buy LIC Jeevan Umang?

The rate of interest is going down day by day, Earlier it was 8.5% and now it is just 6.5%. After 20yrs from now it will be around 2-3% as there are in US or UK.  So 8% guaranteed life time is one of the best deals. Plan today for better tomorrow.

How it is best for HNI’s?

Those who have Income annual package of more than 10lac, they are in 30% tax slab. For every kind of maturity proceed from bank FD, post office, real estate they have to pay additional taxes as per their income slab on the growth earned on that investment. But in Jeevan umang, it is totally tax free and every thing will be tax free for life. 

How is it is best to take Jeevan umang rather than term plan?

People buy term plan for securing their family. If nothing goes wrong the money goes waste. So there should be such a plan which provides good insurance coverage whole life, income & handsome returns on the premium paid. The answer to all these problems are one and only one  LIC’s Jeevan Umang. 

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