LIC E Niwas Yojna

People who want to buy property and want to use rent as their pension must consider the LIC – E bhawan Yojna. It will be a much better option with guaranteed returns with peace of mind

E- Niwas Yojna from LIC with Guaranteed annual returns till 100yr

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Tax free rental Value
  3. Amount invested will also be tax free
  4. Better than Actual flat
  5. Easy paper formality

Who can Invest??

If you are looking for buying a flat for the purpose of investment then you must consider LIC E- Niwas Yojna

Minimum Age Entry : 15yrs (that is it can also be bought on the name of your child and it will give him income till his life or 100yrs which ever is later )

Max Age Entry: 55Yrs

Returns are 100% guaranteed and Tax Free

Returns can also be taken Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly.

Loan can be taken on your invested amount in LIC- E Niwas Yojna

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